Monday, July 6, 2015

Countdown: 4 Days

Tried go-kart and yummy foods in Zhongshan with the first few girls I know in Zhongshan! It's almost the same like the fast and furious. I got kinda worry at first because it was my first time. (Well the genting's go kart doesn't count cz it's too slow). My experience? Well the steering was really hard and my arms hurts until today. I realized I am not into the speed eventho I am kind of impatient and I can talk very fast and I normally used shorter time than others to complete something. I guess I was concerned about my safety, which is a good thing, because I don't really trust them. They told me it's just like bumper car and it is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! (based on my experience) By the way, the go-kart can go up to 80km/h. Pictures are in twitter, wechat and instagram. LOL.

I am going back on next Friday and my following Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are fully booked! :) Finally!!! I never realize that I love Malaysia so much until I am away from the country. I love the foods, the culture and also the people in Malaysia more when I am staying in another country.

Bought a gift for my colleagues. Seriously hope they will like it. I was always the one with full of ideas when it comes to gift. However, I am running out of ideas this time. My creativity level is going down..... or maybe I just want to leave as soon as possible.

Now that I am super worry that my luggage will be overloaded D:. Should ask for 25kg instead of 20kg when my supervisor bought my ticket. Of course he is not willing to add on for me. Yikes. Good luck to me because I really don't know whether is it overweight without a weighing machine here.

Ok got to get back to work. busy busy busy. 

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