Monday, July 6, 2015

Countdown: 4 Days

Tried go-kart and yummy foods in Zhongshan with the first few girls I know in Zhongshan! It's almost the same like the fast and furious. I got kinda worry at first because it was my first time. (Well the genting's go kart doesn't count cz it's too slow). My experience? Well the steering was really hard and my arms hurts until today. I realized I am not into the speed eventho I am kind of impatient and I can talk very fast and I normally used shorter time than others to complete something. I guess I was concerned about my safety, which is a good thing, because I don't really trust them. They told me it's just like bumper car and it is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! (based on my experience) By the way, the go-kart can go up to 80km/h. Pictures are in twitter, wechat and instagram. LOL.

I am going back on next Friday and my following Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are fully booked! :) Finally!!! I never realize that I love Malaysia so much until I am away from the country. I love the foods, the culture and also the people in Malaysia more when I am staying in another country.

Bought a gift for my colleagues. Seriously hope they will like it. I was always the one with full of ideas when it comes to gift. However, I am running out of ideas this time. My creativity level is going down..... or maybe I just want to leave as soon as possible.

Now that I am super worry that my luggage will be overloaded D:. Should ask for 25kg instead of 20kg when my supervisor bought my ticket. Of course he is not willing to add on for me. Yikes. Good luck to me because I really don't know whether is it overweight without a weighing machine here.

Ok got to get back to work. busy busy busy. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Countdown: 7 days!

Despite the culture differences mentioned in the posts below, I still find my colleagues lovely and caring. However, I really want to go back. Sorry for only updating it today, because I was sick yesterday and the day before yesterday. Yeap, it's the 7th time I got sick here, and I had visited the hospital for 4 times in China. The cause of my sickness? Un-explainable most of the time. Anyway, my sickness was not really serious yesterday, it was just diarrhea and fever. I still feel pain in my stomach a little.

In my twitter, I complained about my colleagues forcing me to sing Karaoke. And now I know the reason why. That was because they were planning to tell my other colleague (which is an intern from the college itself) that they had came out with a decision on terminating his internship in this school (there were going to choose four out of six interns). So my supervisor thought the best way to tell him is to bring him to Karaoke and then we can have farewell for him. Well, I am completely fine to go for Karaoke if that's the case. But I don't understand why is one of my colleagues being so secretive all the time. If she had told me that, I wouldn't be confused. They treat me really good here with VVIP services. However, I don't feel the sense of belonging to them, it's like I am not part of them at all since they kept a lot of secrets from me. What I meant is, I still can't feel their sincerity sometimes and the hospitality is just the surface. This made me feel I don't really know what they are thinking, what they think of me, am I doing the right thing and what are they expecting. Anyway, I think I can understand why they are doing so (maybe to protect the name of their college and also portray a positive image of their country) and it's probably part of their culture. Still, I really wish I have someone here feeling and experience the same thing with me, someone that I can talk to everyday. So in the future if I am going overseas to study or work, I am certain in bringing a friend to go along with me. Or else, I will need to consider really carefully.

7 more days to go. It just feels like I can't even wait for one more day to go home. I just miss home so much! Let me list down what I am going to do when I am back to Malaysia! Yippy!!!

1. Going out for a trip with my siblings and my cousins!

Well maybe we are going for rafting, or somewhere fun and adventurous that we never experienced before. Or Ossoto, since my cousin wanna go there sooo much. However I think Ossoto is the place you go with a bunch of close girlfriends.

2. Yam cha!

Oh I miss yam cha! You know yam cha isn't about the tea that you're drinking, neither do the place. It's about WHO you're yamcha-ing. Can't wait to have gossip gossip nights with my girlfriends!

3. TRG Party 5

Apparently Joey is planning for that one. Going to PD most probably. Feel so regret for not buying them the ethnic dresses from yangsuo! URGH


Gonna meet Shamaine there to hand her the souvenirs and also to get the pictures from her. Gonna settle my graduation stuffs and also have a lunch there. Kind of miss the foods there (not to say the foods are super delicious, but it just have so much memories!) :p

5. Malacca

I never thought of going there after I wrote this post. Maybe it's because I am kind of hungry and my crave of eating Malaysian foods is stronger and stronger! I want to eat SATAY CELUP! Always my favourite


Need to settle my bank issue. Check the payment etc.

7. Tangkak

Stayover at ting yong's. Probably because it's the last place I visited before I left Malaysia. Had a lot of reluctance.

8. Karaoke

Became a karaoke addict when I am in China. So definitely gonna sing with my Malaysian friends!

9. Watch a movie with fish n chips

My favorite thing to do when I am university. Normally I would also sneak chatime into the cinema. SHHHHH......

10. Food exploration! (Definitely!)

Apparently Kimmy has a lot of places that he wanna bring me to go. Have a feeling that I am gonna get back to 55kg or maybe more when I go back to Malaysia. Oh no.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Countdown: 10 Days (1:4 cultural trip to guangxi)

I feel really irritated today. I don't know why, maybe because of the final exam papers that are so troublesome, maybe it's because of my messy room. After a month here, I've had the habit of taking nap in the afternoon because our break time is from 1200pm to 230pm. Awesome right? However, there are some afternoons and nights that I could not fall asleep. I can feel my body is sleeping but my mind isn't. It's so contradict that I feel so conscious and tired at the same time. This afternoon was like that. 

I can feel the time passes slowly and my eyes are widely opened. I tried to close my eyes but it is just not comfortable to do so. At the same time, I can feel my entire body is so relax and tired, it's as if it is slowly going into the sleeping stages and my head is separated from the body (sounds scary I know). And right now sitting in the office, my whole body plus head is tired. LOL

Speaking of the trip, well it's quite fun because the scenery is really superb! However, I still prefer to travel with bunch of people that shares the same culture. You will feel the importance of it once you travel with a bunch of people that shares the same culture excluding you, yes you, the only one! For example, like foods, they are from the Guangdong province and they eat almost everything (crocodile, dog meats, horse meats, all kind of seafood etc) Even though I am also a Chinese, our food preferences are different. In Malaysia, we eat all types of foods like Indians, Italian, Muslims but for China, they have a strong preference toward Chinese foods. In terms of foods, it's a great experience because I get to try the snails (ewwww never thought I would eat that) and many more weird vege. However, sometimes don't you get tired of Chinese foods??? I misssss Western foods so much right now! Luckily I still get to satisfied my crave on Japanese and Korean in the past few months. Also, because of the culture, we may have different preference and interests on where to visit and what to do during the trips. Apparently they kind of enjoy drinking beer here and playing the boring dice drinking game. Hahahaha, sorry but I just can't feel the fun because people here can hardly get HIGH! They rarely cheers! Only a few people would go there and dance at the dance floor. And the others? They will just sit there immobile and stare at the dancers. Some will drink, chat with their friends and smoke at the same time (There are a lot of smokers here like seriously! Even in this college you can see a lot of lecturers are smokers!)

Another thing is, their jokes! Sometimes you can't get it or you don't find it funny. We also shared different perceptions on the same situations, they may think a narcissistic guy has some mental problem (even tho narcissistic falls under DSM V but they are looking at him as if he is having some kind of disease) and he should go for plastic surgery. (whaattt?) For me, I think the guy was just having some really good charismatic skills because he was travelling alone and he tried to be funny! And also, they think people who traveled alone has mental problems too. (Whaaattt??) See. You will have a lot of speechless moment. What can I say, China has a strong collectivism culture. Anyway, it's really a great memory with my colleagues. Besides,  I get insights that helps me to understand more of their cultures. Even though I am a Chinese, I found that Malaysian Chinese have more similar cultures with Indonesians rather than China's Chinese. 

To conclude, I will call this phenomena as 1 to 4 cultural trip. The reason is among five of them, I am the odd ones. I wasn't expecting a lot during the trip, therefore I only had a few culture shocks and that's all. So, when you're going to a 1:4 trip in the future, be aware of the things that I've mentioned, and try to embrace the different cultures. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Countdown: 14 days

Dear Bloggie, I realized I have made a lot of empty promises to you since 2011. Therefore, I am going to update my blog everyday till the day I am back to Malaysia. :) However, I am not going to update this weekend, because I am heading to 阳嗍,桂林 tomorrow with my colleagues. I actually started to look forward and gets a little excited because it sounds fun. The best thing is, I don't need to pay for the trip! This is the second trip that they are sponsoring me. Oh mine, the hospitality here is awesome!

Today is also the last time I am teaching in my marketing class. Next week onward we will be revising for finals. After class, I stayed back to discuss their group assignments and chat a little with the other students.

I am having a dilemma.

Final year students here can't afford to fail the subjects this semester. The system in this polytechnic is different from every private uni in Malaysia. All students MUST graduate at the same time. If they did not pass their subjects and they will only get a certificate which signifies that one has only went for classes but did not pass all the subjects. In other words, their certificates will be meaningless even though they have completed the other subjects but only fail ONE subject in the college.

On the other hand, I can't just pass the students by giving them free marks! If they are almost there, I am kind enough to help them by adding 1 to 2 extra marks. However, as I know some of them are far away from passing currently, I don't feel right to add 20-30 marks for them just to let them pass. This will be unfair for the other students who worked so hard to pass. I have warned them since the first day of the class. I will fail whoever deserves to fail. The class will be taught in bilingual language, even so, all the exam questions will be in English. It is important for all of them to attend the classes and to PAY ATTENTION to every classes especially they do not have a good English speaking and writing skills. Some of them think I am kidding because the lecturers here will try their very best to let them pass. But too bad, I am from Malaysia, I work differently. Besides, I've already make the class as easy as it can. I used 18 weeks to teach only 3 chapters, 15 slides, they really can't complain much! Despite these, I cannot bear to fail them because the price they gonna pay is too high.

So what can I do....

Right now, I can only convince them to work harder and gave them extra classes hoping them can answer in their final exams. It's not the end yet. There is one more group assignment coming up which carries 20% and also final exams which carries 40%. If they are willing to work harder, passing with 60% is not a big problem.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Countdown: 15 Days

15 days = Half a month

It was quite a pleasant night yesterday and I thought I can survive this. But today is a disaster. Im so stressed up looking at the documents that I need to complete by tomorrow! I feel so demotivated again because I don't understand the system and the Chinese terms they are using! It's not like I don't understand Chinese but I've only seen the professional terms in English. Today I don't feel like doing anything but I CAN'T! BECAUSE SUBMISSION IS DUE TOMORROW!

I can assure you that the stress I am having here is exactly the same I am having during my university life. I really doubt whether I still want to be a lecturer in the future. Maybe I am just having serious homesick. Just realized four months is my limit to be away from home. I miss everything in Malaysia, especially the foods, my family and friends and my daily routines! I used to get sick of my daily routines and wanted a change. But this change ain't good. Anyway, when I get back, I want to make use of my time. Instead of working non-stop, I want to learn something and improve myself on some areas. Maybe a new language, a new musical instruments, or a new subject. I don't know yet. Every single seconds my mind is full of what-to-do when I am back to Malaysia, can't wait to feel the moment of excitement when I am on the plane, saying the word 'FINALLY' loudly in my heart. Another cool stuffs is my cousin is going back on the 10th of July too to Malaysia, maybe we can meet up!

My dad is buying a new car for me. The reason? Because I am going home and they are four people who can/will need to drive. I really appreciate my dad for still buying me a car even though I am a working adult now, I guess maybe my dad is going to pay for the down-payment only. Uhm...........

I am heading to a place called 阳嗍 for a trip this coming weekend. Well I hope it will be fun.... because I am not really looking forward to it. I just wanna stay in my room, watch The Arrow and New Girl, play my The Sims 3.......... oh god... not in a mood for a trip, probably because I've been to quite some trips recently and I need a rest now. Or it's just the people that I am going with...

Bye Bloggie. :(

Monday, June 22, 2015

16 More Days

Hello! I figured my blog is pointless when I have a blog link on my Instagram. Haha! I did not forget you Bloggie ( I hope you like your new name, Bloggie). Well I kept diary entries starting from April writing my physical and emotional experiences in China. The firewall was not stable and I can't access to Google sometimes. That's why I did not update here. For your information, China has blocked Twitter, Google, Facebook, Youtube and etc. Life is hard when you need to use those replacements like Baidu, QQ and etc.

Anyway, I will update my last 15 days in China. Can't update a lot now because I am very busy today. Gonna prepare for my last class for Chinese Presentation subject in this semester!

Having class until 9pm, my god. I hate Tuesdays.

Friday, January 30, 2015


It's been quite a long while that I didn't update my blog. wooops. Anyway I keep a diary now. Instagram, wechat wall and so many other social networks for me to keep updating about myself is seriously too much. I am here today because I just bought a new laptop, and I wanna try typing with it. So why not blogging, I thought.

It's 2015 and it means I am 22 now. I can truly feel that I am an adult now as I finished all my subjects in uni and I am a full time working adults now. Like all the others fresh graduates would say, I really miss the old days that I need to attend classes, my club's meeting and so on. The feelings get stronger after I start watching GLEE. Besides that, I can strongly feel everything inside me is decreasing. My metabolism rate, creativity, memory......... gosh.

Soon, I will be heading to YangJiang, China for my internship as a tutor in a college. This year will be truly a brand new kind of life to me. I am going to stay in a foreign country for four months all by myself. And then, I am going to so many places in this year which include Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. After re-watch my girl (korean dramas), I wanted to visit a snowing country. Being able to talk with "gas" looks real cool! I've tried that in Melbourne during winter and I was so excited! Too bad our phones are unable to capture the "gas"!!!

Life in Lollipop as an intern is just normal. I am used to work there since I was an intern for two months and part-timer for a year in Lollipop. Life's better compared to my first internship. I've got all the trusts and respects in the company. I've got one of my close friends working with me. I've got everything under control!

Alright I think I summarized my recent life. Nothing really different happened YET. Bye!